Getting a Business Loan When The Bank is Not Helping

Most business owners I speak with have already tried their bank. Sometimes they have simply been declined because their business hit some difficulties and the accounts are not too strong or they are near the limit on their overdraft facility. Other times the bank is taking too long and they need a quicker turnaround than the situation they find themselves in.

So what can you do? Here are a couple of examples of recent clients that can shed some light on potential solutions.

Machinery Refinance

John is a farmer whose business suffered badly with the heatwave in 2018. This affected his accounts and cash flow and he was struggling to get a loan approved. He identified an opportunity to buy an excellent breed of cattle from Denmark at a knock down price. A heatwave there affected the price of feed badly resulting in a sell off and this bargain appearing. He needed to act quickly.

John wanted a €50,000 business loan. Over the years he had bought a lot of machinery. Some were fully paid off and others were still on finance but were mostly paid off. We discussed potential options and settled on a secured business loan as the way forward. He put together a list of vehicles and machines stating the manufacturers, models and years of manufacture as well as amounts of finance outstanding. The partner credit team assessed this and was able to propose a loan facility over 5 years secured on the assets. John was then able to draw down the loan and get on with his business initiative.

Card Machine Finance

Mary is a small hotel owner in the west of Ireland. It’s a family owned business that’s performing well after a quiet number of years. The hotel was badly in need of a renovation and this would in turn drive more profitability however, the bank had said they were at the limit of finance that could be extended to them and no unsecured business loan could be made to facilitate the renovation.

Mary required a €100,000 business loan to upgrade and refresh the hotel rooms. As a busy hotel it had a large volume of card transactions. Mary was able to provide 12 months merchant statements showing average turnover of over €100,000 a month. We decided that a merchant cash advance application was the best way forward to get the funds quickly and the renovation done in time for the busy season. Mary was able to get a loan facility that would be paid back over a year. It had a flexible repayment that suited her seasonal business. It works by taking a small daily percentage of the card machine income. That means when it’s busy you pay back more but when it’s a quiet time of year you pay back less. The percentage is set with the aim of repayment within the year. Mary was happy with this and was able to draw down the funds within days.

So that outlines a couple of past clients we could help. There are many other solutions that can fit your needs right now. We are here for you 7 days a week to talk finance. Call us on 015563655 now?