90% of Irish Business Owners Can Save On Their Card Machine Charges With This New Service

Let’s see if we can save you money on something your business may already be using. That's your card machine and the charges you pay every month on your merchant services statement. We have partnered with Ireland's only independent merchant services consultants & brokers who have over 30 years experience in the banking and financial services area. They can identify savings for over 90% of clients they help and uniquely often without the need for a provider switch as it may be possible to simply amend your existing solution.

Key benefits in getting your review

  • Businesses in Ireland are paying large fees annually to acquiring banks for the ability to accept cards. Many of these fees lack transparency and are loaded with unexplained and hidden charges. Our partner works on behalf of your business not the bank. You can have proposals professionally evaluated from any provider in the market

  • You will find out if you have been overcharged and may be entitled to a refund or compensation from your provider

  • You will get a detailed independent audit to identify all areas where savings or security improvements can me made

  • You can have savings identified without always having to switch provider. Often savings can be secured from your existing acquiring bank

  • If you are currently waiting days for settlements you will no longer have to. You will have access to leading Irish, European & international acquiring banks with next day full gross settlement at the lowest possible cost

  • If you accept payments over the telephone "customer not present" transactions can be charged back many months after processing. Find out how to build layers of security in to your payment process and dramatically reduce your risk

  • PSD2 Regulations come in to force in this September and you will receive independent advice procedural or structural changes that may be necessary for your existing payment solution


"They professionally assisted our busy bar business to significantly reduce the cost of accepting debit / credit cards and ensured that funds were in our account on the very next day. We would strongly recommend that every business should have an audit carried out as the level of detail and expertise is sure to be an eye opener. Our experience is that you have all to gain and nothing to lose as they worked on our behalf in assessing and negotiating with a number of different banks. Highly recommended."
Grainger's Pebble Beach, Dublin 3

"They prepared a detailed audit for our business, identifying a number of serious issues even apart from transaction pricing. They assisted us in fixing all problems and sound fraud prevention advice has been invaluable to our company."
Merlin Properties, Dublin & London.

Next Step

So what are you waiting for? To get going we’ll need some merchant statements from you for our partner to conduct your review. If you're interested in learning more send us a message now or call us on 015563655