Business Loans For Ploughing Championships 2019 Asset Purchases

If you’re attending the Ploughing Championships this year and have an agribusiness you may be considering farm asset purchases. There are many options on show but when you decide on a machine, quad, tractor or otherwise you don’t need to go with the finance linked to the company selling you the asset. can help you get a lot of the pre-approval work done for your purchase so you can have the peace-of-mind going in to your price negotiation that you’re not beholden to the finance terms and sometimes bargaining chip of the company selling you the asset.

We can reach out to multiple credit teams with a few simple documents from you along with a little bit of information on the asset you expect to purchase. Then you can get a strong indication of approval quickly and even the full approval locked in.

We are happy to talk over your options. Then if you’re happy we would like to see a recent set of accounts and six months bank statements. With that we can get the ball rolling. Call us now on 01 55 636 55 or interact with us on the web chat box in the lower right of this screen.

Wishing Irish farmers the best for #Ploughing19

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