If you're a business owner your usual port of call when you need finance is to look to your bank. Yet, even as we hear positive signals in the media about the Irish economy, the stock of SME credit available in Q1 2017 was down 8.2% compared with Q1 2016. Small and micro-sized companies are worst hit by the increased bank rejection. Even if the bank does approve you for finance, the process can be very time-consuming and stressful. You may endure requests for reams of documents and get eventual approval but subject to additional security such as signing over your family home.

So what can you do about it? The great news is that there are alternative finance options such as private financiers and P2P lending. Many of these options bypass the behemoth bank bureaucracy and replace it with a common-sense approach. You can expect a quick decision based on supplying a couple of easy-to-get documents. Generally you can go the unsecured route and not have to worry about paying penalties if you want to pay your business loan back early. is partnered with the best alternative finance options in Ireland today. If you have a business project in mind we will be happy to listen, answer any questions you have and connect you with the best finance deal to grow your business.